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A Look Back at Indonesia (Plus Travel Planning Social Media Tips)

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

It wasn’t until recently that I decided to start a blog to capture my two favorite passions – travel and social media. While I am excted to start sharing future trips, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a few older trips too. One trip that will forever leave an impression was Indonesia.

I wanted to share my favorite destinations within this incredible country and a few tips for finding great hotels, restaurants and activities through social media.


Canggu: What an adorable town this was! Filled with café after café, we enjoyed the slower pace here. Here are a few restaurants we enjoyed:


Shady Shack

Café Organic

Lastly, we went surfing while in Canggu and I couldn’t recommend it more! We booked through this company, but there are plenty of shops and stands to rent a board.

Social Media Tip: We were worried the beach would be covered in seaweed (and trash…), so we looked up the geotag for real people’s photos. This was very helpful when choosing if we wanted to spend any time at this beach. We heard a few stretches of the beach in this area had a lot of trash washed up, but by looking at geotags on recent photos we found that wasn’t the case. Use the geotag feature to find real photos and stories that haven’t been edited.


Ubud: When I think of Bali, this is what comes to mind. Lush green jungles and rice fields with the smell of incense burning everywhere you go. If you’re visiting here, Ubud is worth the stop. Here are a few activities we would recommend in this charming town:

Monkey Forest

Tegalalang Rice Terrace (Tip: Go for sunrise!)

Paon Bali Cooking Class


Nusa Penida: We almost didn’t come to Nusa Penida, but I am so glad we did. This part of Indonesia felt left us wanting to explore even more. I’ve also never seen bigger waves in my entire life. Here are a few of our favorite destinations to visit in Nusa Penida:

Kelingking Beach

Angel’s Billabong

Broken Beach

Suwehan Beach

Rumah Pohon "Tree House"

Social Media Tip: If you see a photo of a location you really love, consider messaging the person who took it and ask them tips on when to show up, if it gets crowded early and if they would recommend it. I love connecting with others in this way! I did this for the treehouse photo.


Komodo National Park: This was definitely the highlight of the trip. We came to this area specifically to scuba dive and it was 100 percent worth the trek to get here. We joined a 2 night, 3 day live aboard and completed 10 dives. Here is the company we dove with:

Wanderpus Liveaboard

If you are at all interested in scuba diving, this is the place to come!


Singapore (stopover): On our way back home, we had a 2-day stopover in Singapore. If you’ve never been, it’s worth the stop. It’s incredibly expensive there, so 48 hours is all we needed. If you do decide to stopover, here are a few of our favorite activities there:

Gardens By The Bay

Light & Water Show at Marina Bay Sands

Eat at a local hawker

I hope this quick overview is helpful. If you ever have any questions, feel free to message me on Instagram and I’m more than happy to share more.

Have a great day!


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