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Favorite Apps to Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

With over 500 million people using Instagram stories daily, it’s easy to get lost in the mix and struggle to stand out amongst the crowd. I’ve found a handful of apps that can help take your Instagram stories to the next level. And the best part - they aren’t costly or time consuming to create. Here are 3 apps that I have in constant rotation.

1. Unfold: This app is a great tool for storytelling and creating content with a classic and sleek feel. They offer several different types of templates for free and you can upgrade if you want additional collections to search through. I love the templates for collages.

2. Mojo: I love Mojo for their simple and compelling animations. You can take a photo and add that extra pop you need to draw attention and drive engagement. You can also animate text, in addition to each photo. You’ll definitely want to stop and watch these stories!

3. StoriesEdit: The most aesthetically pleasing of them all. StoriesEdit provides designer templates that are both artistic and practical. You can have a template with so much color and depth, but it doesn’t take away from your main photo or text. I love the balance their templates provide. Additionally, you can add your own brand colors easily, which is something I do often with StoriesEdit. I highly recommend this app and it’s free too!

I hope these apps are helpful to you and provide the creative boost you may have been seeking. If you have any additional apps you swear by, tell me about them. I would love to hear from you!


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