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HOW TO: Find niche hashtags on Instagram

As many of us divert our attention (and free time) to social media during quarantine, I wanted to use this space to answer your questions. You'll find over the coming weeks several short blogs on best practices, hacks, algorithm tips, etc.

"How do I find niche hashtags?"

I've written about hashtags before and how they play a crucial role in a post's success. Today, I wanted to share a quick way to easily find those niche hashtags that can elevate your post and fit your brand. Coming up with a list of hashtags that are specific to a topic or niche doesn't have to be time consuming.

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to tags in the search bar.

Step 2: Type a word that's specific to your niche. For example, #travel.

Step 3. When you hit search you find the top posts using #travel, but you will also see toward the top a list of "related" hashtags.

Step 4: Start using those related hashtags in posts.

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