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Quick Tips on Achieving an Instagram Theme

Now more than ever, consumers are turning to Instagram to learn more about products and companies. When a potential consumer, follower or anyone within your target market lands on your page, you want to make sure they stick around, which is why it’s important to have a theme and aesthetic that is pleasing to your audience.

Start with your bio. Be upfront about what you’re there to offer. When someone visits your account, think about the ways in which you can add value to their lives and bring that to the forefront. Every word should resonate with your overall theme and show consumers what they can expect from you. You don’t want to leave them searching for what you’re all about.

Now that your bio is ready, consider how you edit your photos and how your content is laid out. Having photos that flow from one to another without stark changes in the design or color, can leave people wanting to scroll through more – and you want that! I recommend using Lightroom for editing photos because you can create or buy your own presets that can be used for a more consistent look and theme. Personally, I stick to 5 main presets that I use depending on if it’s an evening photo, indoor, outdoor, etc.

Consider your overall color palette too. What you’re using in stories or the hues you use in the photos you edit all make a difference. If you have a website, do the same colors flow from your logo to web to social? Consistency matters.

Beyond each individual photo, it’s important to consider how each photo you edit or design will look amongst your other images in the grid too. One way I like to plan my content to keep the aesthetic consistent is through Planoly. It’s wonderful for planning several posts out. Beyond keeping your visual aesthetic in check, it’s also a great content calendar too!

I hope these quick tips were helpful to you.

Have a great day!


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