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Traveling on points: A breakdown of top travel credit cards and benefits

Hi everyone! I recently wrote a guest blog for my friend, Veronika, all about maximizing your travel by using points and credit card benefits.

Opening credit cards can be a bit daunting. What card do you choose? How about that annual fee? Can I meet the minimum spend? These are all questions I've asked myself before opening any new card. Because travel is a major priority for me right now, I chose based on that alone. I’ve done a lot of research on credit cards, so I wanted to provide you with some high-level details and resources to help you start traveling more on points.  

Read the full blog post on Veronika's Blushing:


Side note: In addition to social media related content, this little space of the internet is also dedicated to another one of my greatest passions - travel.

Have a great day!


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